Love Lawns – The Stats

6 years old this year.

Over 1000 lawns installed.

We now install over 250 projects per year.

Over 90% of our lawns are installed in just a day.

Over 75% of our customers have children or pets.

1 Tonne of MOT aggregate is installed per 10 Sqm.

Smallest installation 6 Sqm.

Largest installation 1000m2.

25% of our installations are after either an extension has been built 

2020 has seen a surge in installations of Artificial Grass where outdoor offices have been built – 60% of professionals are now working from home.

A well looked after garden is the third most important element to house buyers purchasing a property.

Properties with maintenance free gardens Let 3 times quicker than those with poorly maintained gardens. You are just one phone call away from organising your perfect garden.

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